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Based on Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZAPS) Klanšek d.o.o. is the owner of site copyrights. Text, photographic material, illustrations, animations, maps, audio-video, computer programmes, etc. are not allowed to be copied or distributed for commercial reasons.

According to ZAPS use and reproduction of copyright material in allowed for informing the public, educational purposes, confrontations and referral but in these cases the sources and authorship has to be cited.

ZAPS allows the use and reproduction of copyright material in limited numbers for private, non-commercial use.

Protection of personal data

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act Klanšek d.o.o. protects personal data of users. Company only gathers personal data when user gives them voluntarily and allows their gathering, storing and use. Klanšek d.o.o. is bound to use the collected data only for the time and the purpose for which these data was gathered.

Klanšek d.o.o. will not share its user’s personal data with any other party. In case of cooperation with other companies the other party will be granted the access to buyer’s personal data but only if this is absolutely necessary. All partners are liable to protection of personal data and their use only in the limits of the purpose for their collection.

Klanšek d.o.o. expects users of to respect copyright regulations. If these regulations are not respected the measures against violators will be taken.

Company’s responsibility

Klanšek d.o.o. will keep online store up to date and accurate in its best ability. However, an absence of flaws cannot be guaranteed. All information on the serves only for informative purposes, so Klanšek d.o.o is not liable for their absolute accuracy.

The nature of World Wide Web and the site disables control over content of sites lead to by hyper-links from Vipi online store. Therefore, Klanšek d.o.o. is not responsible for any content accessed over the site.

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