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About Klanšek d.o.o.

VIPI d.o.o. is a family company with rich tradition, dating back to 1957. We are producing and selling VIPI fruit juices and beverages, fruit and ACETUM herbal vinegars, selected KLANŠEK spirits and number of organic products for healthy lifestyle.

Company’s aim is environmental protection combined with promotion of healthy lifestyle. We put emphasis on filling returnable and one-way glass bottles, which can be used several times. Use of glass also enables hot filling and filling without addition of preservatives.

Among our products, a special place is reserved for VIPI cloudy apple juice. This completely natural product is a vital part of everyday healthy diet. It is made from freshly pressed apples coming from integrated crop management of Slovenian fruit growers. This juice is pasteurised and nothing is added to its natural deliciousness (no additives, no sugar, and no preservatives).

Filling Service

We also offer filling service in glass as well as in plastic bottles. We can fill juices, vinegar, water and alcoholic drinks. As every product is specific please contact us for further information.

Delivery of Our Products

At the moment delivery of our products is limited to Slovenia. However delivery of larger quantities can be arranged.
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